Purples – women’s shirt, top, wrap or scarf



Purples – A mix of three purples in a random pattern.


If selecting a Wrap or Scarf first select the product in the Garment type option box by clicking the V and select Wrap or Scarf, then in the Garment size option box by clicking the V and select “Wrap or Scarf fixed sizes”




Purples wrap also available as a shirt, top or scarf
A mix of three purples in a random pattern

When you select a shirt or top you must also select a size please click here to see the range of sizes available. Special makes may be available by contacting Jan.

If you select a wrap or scarf please select wrap or scarf in the garment size

Additional information

Garment type

" Shirt ", " Top ", " Wrap ", " Scarf "

Garment size

" Wrap or Scarf fixed sizes ", " XS Extra small ", " S Small ", " M Medium ", " L Large ", " XL Extra Large "