About Me

Jan Ditchfield emigrated to Australia from the United Kingdom in 1979. After the soft hues of Europe, she found the striking colours of Australia an inspiration. She accepted the challenge to combine the vibrant colours with Fine Merino Wool to produce a unique range of shirts, tops, scarves and wraps, all handpainted Australian Merino wool. The colours range from the deep earthy browns and reds of the outback to brilliant turquoise, purple and parrot mixes.

Having developed friendships with wool growers, Jan has a much better understanding of the challenges they face. She is delighted that in her own way she is helping to promote Australian Merino wool.

Those who love to sew are not forgotten, with handpainted Fine Merino Wool fabric and  handpainted fine merino wool quilting pieces available.

The wool is challis (21.7μm) for the shirts and voile (19.6μm) for the wraps, scarves and tops.

Each piece is individually handpainted by Jan in her Adelaide Hills' studio. No two pieces are identical.

Jan is a previous recipient of a Wearable Wool Award and her work has been selected by galleries, governments and other organizations as unique Australian gifts for international visitors.